Our Mission


The Bambino Foundations aim is to provide a sustainable change. We call it a circle of life. Our mission is easy to understand when you know the numbers. The median age in Africa is 19,4 years and more than half of the population is under 25 years old where 41% of the population is under 15 years old. 

There is no secret that the youths of Africa need a platform where they can unlock their true potential and have access to a reliable and safe healthcare.

The youths connected to The Bambino Foundation have access to full healthcare which gives them an opportunity to focus on studies, imagination, and childhood. We support the local organizations with help of the Trading School, partnership, donations, and fundraising. We also focus on Our Academy where we together with companies close the skills gap between graduates and the hiring companies. This aim will not only eradicate poverty but also support and maintain an economic growth and reduce unemployment. Our Academy is founded together with selected partners. We match highly skilled, certified and multilingual African professionals with customers across the world to develop innovative technology solutions, improving development efficiency, scalability, and mobile success.


Bold actions for shared humanity

"Our main goal is to create opportunities for young africans in Africa."

— Heaven Bereket, Founder

Overview of where the money goes

Healthcare, 20% covers for children’s and young adults basic needs of access to healthcare to be able to focus on growth and studies.

Our Academy, 30% of our revenue is used for our Academy aiming to close the skills gap between students and the workforce. This includes activities within tech and IT training because Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market globally.

Administration, 20% of all revenue goes to fundraising and administration costs. It’s within the margin to grant as an NGO in Ethiopia.

Student Funding, 30% covers for the students tuition fee for the trading school. This one of our central part together with Our Academy.

How it all began

It all started when…

Heaven the year of 2010 decided to do something about the morbidity in rotavirus. The Bambino Foundation was born September year 2011 with the aim to limit the morbidity in rotavirus infections.

When she arrived in Ethiopia she got an huge reality check. There are more healthcare issues than rotavirus infections who need to be solved. That led to a new decision in 2012 that The Bambino Foundation would provide FULL healthcare for every child joining the foundation.

As to this day we provide full healthcare for a total of 1453 children in three countries in Africa. The success behind The Bambino Foundation depends on the business model the founder Heaven early understood was necessary to have a sustainable and reliable NGO.


She started to invest in a pharmacy where she would use the profit to support the children’s healthcare cost and later she started her trading school with a partner who gave her the tools to start trade in the Forex and Crypto market and have taught so far over 850 people all over the world. 30% of every student’s fee goes directly to paying for the healthcare for the bambinos.

The Bambino Foundation is moving to a new phase where we from the year 2019 provide education through Our Academy to young adults in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya.

Her own words…

I want to say thanks to the wonderful human beings who have been rooting for me all this years with positive energy and donations. Thank you for joining our community, together what seems impossible will be possible.